The role of a school-based speech-language pathologist is broad and varies from school to school. However, there is one thing that everyone can agree upon: students benefit from speech-language pathology services!

S-LPs work with students to reach their full communication potential. This, in turn, helps students succeed throughout the day – from making friends, to engaging with their lessons, to growing as an individual.

To explore the work of school-based S-LPs, we asked some of our members to share their experiences working in a school setting.

You can read their stories on Communiqué, or access them below:

Part 1: Aimee Miller
Part 2: Sandy Crowley
Part 3: Shirley Gau
Part 4: Daina Kelly
Part 5: Geneviève Lemieux
Part 6: Michel Vallières
Part 7: Sharon Halldorson
Part 8: Sarah Dowling