Speech-language pathology services vary substantially across schools in Canada. Service delivery model decisions are complex and require input from many partners in the school community. As part of SAC’s ongoing advocacy work to support school-based speech-language pathologists (S-LPs), an Ad Hoc Committee has developed a new position paper to promote the essential role of S-LPs in determining speech-language pathology service delivery models in schools. In doing so, SAC advocates for effective and high-quality speech-language pathology services for students of all ages.

It is the position of Speech-Language & Audiology Canada that S-LPs have an essential role in determining service delivery models for students with speech, language, communication and literacy challenges. In collaboration with partners in the school community, S-LPs use evidence-based practice to design and deliver a range of service delivery models that facilitate student participation, inclusion, social interaction and the achievement of educational goals.

Read the full position paper on the SAC website.